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10 things you should always carry in your car

They will make you feel comfortable and safe in a traffic jam.

Behind the wheel

You can get into a traffic jam anywhere – in the city, on a country road, and even on a neighboring street on the way home.

What to carry with you in the car in case of many kilometers and many hours of traffic jams?

1. Ordinary drinking water. Without gas. And it is better to carry not one large bottle, but two or three small ones. This will save you from thirst, which is inevitable even on a not very hot day, and even when you are nervous in a traffic jam.

2. Snack. Snacks, bars, bread, sweets, chocolate – everything that instantly satisfies the feeling of hunger.

3. Hygiene products: wet and regular wipes, antibacterial hand gel.

4. If there is no air conditioner in the car or it suddenly stops working, a car fan powered by the cigarette lighter will come in handy.

5. Massage pillow for the neck. What is called – to combine business with pleasure, and relieve stress, and do a relaxing procedure for the back.

6. Smartphone charger.

7. A flashlight can come in handy if suddenly there is a traffic jam at night and you never know how to flatten a tire.

8. Cash. They will be especially useful on the track – it is not possible to pay by card or through a QR code on a smartphone everywhere and not always.

9. First aid kit. It must be completed not only with a mandatory set, but also with medicines prescribed by doctors.

10. A can of gasoline. This is the most extreme case, which should not be brought to.

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