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3 reasons why he is better than Vesta

Jetta is a Chinese brand that builds cars based on Volkswagen models.

Behind the wheel

One of the models of this brand now offered in Russia is the Jetta VA3 sedan. There are two trim levels: Enjoyment (1.5, 110 hp, 6AT) at a price of 1.5 million rubles and Glory (1.5, 110 hp, 6AT), for which they ask from 1.7 million rubles. Expert “Behind the wheel” Alexander Vinogradov prepared a review and test of such a machine.

The main competitors are Lada Vesta. Let’s try to imagine how a Chinese-made machine can be better than a Russian product.

*This material was created by a person who has the status of a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

Price. A new Vesta in a comparable configuration will cost no less, although its price will be lower than expected.

Jetta is a Volkswagen, albeit a Chinese one. Moreover, this is, in essence, the well-known Polo among us, which has a lot of admirers;

Cars are equipped with an automatic, and Vesta now (yet) does not have such versions.

But, as our acquaintance with the Jetta VA3 shows, the model also has enough disadvantages. Perhaps the main conclusion: the original Polo was reduced in price in all possible ways. What exactly did the Chinese save on? Let’s watch the video!

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Video: Youtube / Driving

Photo: Driving

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