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35-37 billion rubles will be spent on restarting the former Toyota plant in Russia

The St. Petersburg plant, formerly owned by Toyota, plans to produce up to 2,000 BAZ trucks a year. We are talking about the BAZ-S36A11, created at the Engineering Center of the Obukhov plant Almaz-Antey.

The machine is built mainly on Russian components and assemblies, the carrying capacity of each axle of the Bryansk development is 12 tons. The BAZ is equipped with a YaMZ-6531 engine with a capacity of 422 horsepower from Avtodiesel PJSC and a YaMZ-1909 manual gearbox. The climate control system is also domestic: it was provided by August Air Conditioning Plant LLC.

As the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov noted earlier, the “brand new BAZ” will replace the overall cars of the departed brands. The start of production is scheduled for next year.

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