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5 Relatively Fresh Secondary Cars That Will Cause A Lot Of Problems

Similar problems await the buyer of the hybrid Mercedes-AMG S 63 E Performance. Under its hood runs a 4-liter supercharged V8 paired with a nine-band “automatic”, and an electric motor is installed on the rear axle, which has its own two-speed gearbox and electronically controlled differential. Imagine how much it will cost to repair when something breaks! How to fix it is the question. Yes, and changing consumables without their “registration” in the “brains” of the car will not work.

The BMW 7-series G12 also has its skeletons in the closet. By 100,000 km, most copies require serious financial investments. Let’s say the valve cover starts to crack along the seam and the lubricant squeezes out. Fuel injectors often get clogged.

Of the more budget cars, we highlight the Mazda CX−7 crossover. The main problem of the “Japanese” is engines that are extremely sensitive to oil pressure and fuel quality. The turbine, electronic components and cooling system have a small resource. At the same time, work and all components always cost a lot. And now they can literally ruin.

And back to the Volkswagen models with active cruise control. They can no longer get into accidents, because it is unrealistic to “make friends” with a new radar with a car without access to a proprietary online service.

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