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A Citroën C3 Aircross for India and South America

EVEN AT 7 SEATS – The Citroën C3 Aircross disembarks in Indiain Southeast Asia and in South America. Designed specifically for these markets, this model is however profoundly different from the crossover we are used to seeing on our roads, starting with the possibility of equipping the Indian C3 Aircross with 7 places, not foreseen for the European one. The new crossover thus supports the C3 sedanalready launched in these markets during 2022, and represents the second of three models in the French brand’s C-Cubed program.

LONGER AND HIGHER – The Citroën C3 Aircross for emerging markets it is hole 432 cm, therefore 16 cm more than its European cousin. The ground clearance of 200 mm, 30 mm more than our version. The increased length is used to make room for the luggage compartment, which reaches up to 482 liters in the 5-seater model, or for the third row of passengers. THE seats additional may be folded or removed individually, bringing the capacity up to a maximum of 511 litres. Second and third row seats benefit from ventilation integrated into the roof panel. The configuration of the dashboard has also been significantly modified, where the infotainment screen has been moved upwards, positioning the central air vents below (on the European C3 Aircross it is the opposite).

MADE IN INDIA AND BRAZIL – The B-suv segment is growing strongly on the Indian, Indonesian and South American markets and for this reason the Citroën is convinced that the C3 Aircross is the right model right now. As with the C3 destined for these markets, the C3 Aircross will also come produced in Thiruvallur, India, and Porto Real, Brazil. This will keep the overall cost lower and parts availability quicker. The launch in India and South America is scheduled for end of 2023while in Indonesia (which represents a new market for Citroën) it will be available from 2024.

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