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A five by GFG Style for Laffite

FAMILY FEELING – Five all-electric hypercars from Laffite Automotive drawn by GFG Style by Fabrizio Giugiaro are presented today, during the week of the Formula 1 GP in Miami. In less than 6 months, the design studio designed a new stylistic family feeling for Bruno Laffite’s car manufacturer. Although some models are very different from each other, all five cars they are characterized by lower spoilers, horizontal bar with integrated light clusters, air outlets on the bonnets and daytime running lights that give the real distinctive sign. The rear parts, on the other hand, are more personalized and feature many functional elements such as the diffusers or the spoilers that integrate the typical Formula 1 headlight.

> Above the Atrax Stradale.

ATRAX AND ROAD ATRAX – The hypersuv theme has been reinterpreted by Laffite and GFG Style both in terms of design and use. L’Atrax It is a sports SUV with exaggerated shapes, with a 2+1 seat configuration. The stylistic starting point was the all-terrain wheels of almost a meter in diameter housed in large wheel arches. The doors open like a butterfly, with the “detached” A-pillar acting as an aerodynamic element. Later the Atrax and theAtrax Stradale they differ because the former has an external spare wheel while the latter has linear ailerons.

> Above the LM1.

LM1 – The LM1 it is a car designed for racing but homologable for road use. Its lines are drawn by the wind, with a low front end, a black bonnet with a large central air outlet and fenders with active flaps. The dome is narrow (maximum 90 cm) and drop-shaped, with an enveloping windscreen that continues into the doors creating the side windows that descend to the B-pillar. The rear focuses on functionality and aerodynamics with side air outlets. Inside there are two staggered fixed seats, with height adjustment only: the pedals and the steering column move towards the pilot.

> Above the Barchetta.

BARCHETTA AND BARCHETTA COUPÉ – The Little boat it immediately gets noticed with two separate seats with two individual windshields and the Formula 1-derived halo. The choice of the double dome is not accidental, as it takes up an idea from 1959 by Giorgetto Giugiaro, Fabrizio’s father. The front confirms the stylistic features of the Laffite, with the double lights separated by the large integrated spoiler. The rear is characterized by a continuous upper light which also acts as a spoiler. The two separate cockpits can also be closed. There Barchetta Coupe it is derived from the open version but in this case a single windscreen envelops the driver and passenger, while the passenger compartment can be closed off by a removable carbon roof.

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