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A taste of the new Mercedes CLA

AT THE CONCEPT – Despite the Mercedes has declared that he will reduce his dependence on smaller models to focus on those with higher profitability (Who the news), the “A”s will remain fundamental for the German company. In fact, at theIAA in Monaco (September 4 to 10), Mercedes will give a preview of their style with a concept car.

THE NEXT CLA – Il prototype that we will see at the IAA, of which a first teaser image has been released (above), should be a taste of the next generation of Mercedes CLAscheduled in 2025. From the image we can see the silhouette of a sedan with a very dynamic body, with a low sloping roof and a short tail. The future “small” Mercedes will be based on MMA platformnatively designed to house thermal and electric motors.

A REDUCED RANGE – As we know, the future Mercedes “entry level” range will not be as rich as it is today. Indeed, the builder intends reduce the number of models from the current 7 to 4.

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