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A third of Russians fundamentally do not want to drive

Everyone’s reasons for refusing to obtain rights are different.

Behind the wheel

According to a study conducted by the and SberAvto services, 29% of Russians fundamentally do not want to get a driver’s license. Among them, 38% do not see the point in learning to drive due to the lack of a car, and 24% simply have no desire to become a driver.

Among the reasons for refusing to obtain a driver’s license, 24% of respondents name the unwillingness to spend money on training at a driving school. And 22% admitted that they are simply afraid to drive.

*This material was created by a person who has the status of a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

17% of those surveyed also said they were unable to obtain a driver’s license due to health restrictions. Another 15% can not find the time to go through all the stages to obtain rights.

The study also notes that 13% of respondents feel quite comfortable without a personal car and driver’s license – if necessary, they can always count on relatives with cars.

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Source: RT


Behind the wheel

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