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Another cool SUV is being brought to Russia

A dealer from St. Petersburg is going to start selling Chinese cars under the VGV brand this summer.

Behind the wheel

Crossovers will appear first, of which our market is already in abundance. More interesting is the intention to bring a VGV S6 pickup truck in the fall, which is just getting ready to start sales in its homeland. Therefore, his photographs are still unofficial, they were published by the Chinese body for certification of new models.

The VGV brand is part of a holding that produces the well-known Howo and Sinotruk trucks in Russia. The design of the S6 pickup truck is a classic of the genre: a frame, a continuous rear axle on springs, a diesel engine with a capacity of 190 hp. With.

Behind the wheelBehind the wheel

The length is impressive: 5645 mm, 4 mm longer than the Great Wall Poer KingKong. Of the interesting – an 8‑speed automatic, connecting the front wheels through an electromagnetic clutch and a declared load capacity of only 495 kg (including passengers, of course). Probably, the latter indicator is artificially low in order to meet a certain total mass.

The photo shows an off-road version with a snorkel and a winch, although it is unlikely that the car will appear on the market exclusively in this guise.

“Driving” can be read in Viber

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