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Another new road sign may appear in Russia

A project for a domestic road sign “camping” was presented in Russia

The National Association of Motorcycle Tourism and Caravanning presented a draft of a new “Camping” road sign. Now the sign must be approved by the traffic police and the Ministry of Economic Development.

The new sign will indicate additional information about the vacation spot, in particular, star rating. Now the traffic rules contain a road sign for the service 7.10 “Camping”, but the data on it is not enough for travelers, the association believes.

Project of a new road sign “Camping”Project of a new road sign “Camping” “Tourists need to understand the range of campsites, the level of its service, comfort and environmental friendliness, and determine for themselves the need to visit it. This information is presupposed by the star rating level we are developing. The sign may be the basis for making possible claims against the owners regarding quality, this is how the classification of the object will be declared,” explained the head of the association, Sergei Lobarev.

According to him, there are only about 200 campsites in Russia, but only 5% of this number meet the requirements for three or four star service.

In addition to the stars of the recreation facility, it is planned to indicate on the new sign the possibility of staying for people with disabilities and the availability of parking spaces for campers (self-driving cars or cars with trailers).

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Source: RIA Novosti

Photo: Unsplash, National Association of Motorcycle Tourism and Caravanning

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