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Are Soviet vehicles effective in modern warfare?

As the commander of the T-80BV tank said, there are no difficult targets for him.

Behind the wheel

Russian T-80BV tanks have repeatedly proved their effectiveness during the special operation. This was told by the commander of the tank battalion of the 1st Guards Tank Army of the Western Military District with the call sign Bai.

“The T-80BV tank is a good, reliable and up-to-date vehicle. Able to complete tasks. We shoot both direct fire and from closed firing positions. There are no hard goals. We are here to hit targets,” the tank commander told RIA Novosti.Behind the wheel

He also clarified that the vehicles leave to destroy the enemy’s manpower, fortified areas, guns every day.

About the T-80BV

The T-80 tank was put into service in 1976. Serial production was carried out at the Kirovsky Zavod Production Association from 1976 to 1978. Then the tanks were produced at the LKZ (until 1992) and at the OZTM plant (Omsk) – from 1985.

The tank control compartment is located in front of the hull, the fighting compartment is in the central part, and the engine compartment is in the aft part. Tower – hemispherical welded, has a narrow gun embrasure. The front of the tank and the turret have a three-layer combined armor with ceramic filler. In addition, the T-80BV tanks are equipped with a set of hinged dynamic protection “Contact-1”.

Behind the wheel

This almost 44-ton monster is equipped with a GTD-1000TF gas turbine engine with an HP 1100 power. which accelerates the tank on the highway up to 70 km / h, and on rough terrain – up to 50 km / h.

Brief characteristics of the T-80BV tank:

crew – 3 people, total length – 9.651 m, hull length – 6.982 m, width – 3.582 m, height – 2.219 m, ground clearance – 451 mm, cruising range – 570 km (with external tanks).

The main gun of the tank is a 125-mm smoothbore gun 2A46M-1 “Rapier” with ejection purging of the barrel. It is stabilized in both horizontal and vertical planes. Ammunition is 38 shots. Also, missiles are launched through the gun barrel (ATGM 9K112-1 “Cobra” and 9K119 “Reflex”).

In addition to the cannon, the tank is equipped with machine guns. These are a 7.62-mm PKT machine gun coaxial with a cannon (ammunition load of 1250 rounds) and an anti-aircraft 12.7-mm machine gun NSVT-12.7 “Utes” (ammunition load of 300 rounds).

Behind the wheel

The 1A33 fire control system has a 1V517 ballistic computer, a 1G43 shot resolution unit and sensors. There is also an optical rangefinder sight with a 1G42 laser sight and a TPN-3-49 night sight. The equipment of the tank includes the radio station R-123M and the equipment for setting smoke screens TDA 902B “Cloud”.

The T-80BV tank is able to overcome water obstacles up to 5 meters deep, driving along the bottom without rising above the water surface up to 1000 m.

In addition, the tank is capable of self-digging, for which it has a bulldozer blade 2140 mm wide.

Armored snipers went to the NMD zone: the fire of their high-precision guns is controlled using drones. “Driving” can also be read on Viber.

Photo: Alexander Garmaev / TASS

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