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Armored Camper Overlanding? Give me two! — Driving magazine

He has not only armor, but also an air filtration system, a night vision device and a bear repellent spray.

Behind the wheel

There are many campers for extreme recreation, but we see this for the first time. Even all sorts of variations on the theme of the zombie apocalypse fade before him.

Meet ELE from Mammoth Overland, which offers a slightly different take on adventure and relaxation. ELE, if you haven’t seen the late 1990s disaster movie Deep Impact, it’s an acronym for Extinction Level Event.

Behind the wheel

The camper has an armored front and protective plates under the bottom. Entrance – through the doors, made on the principle of doors on a submarine. They make the camper completely airtight.

There is a hatch on the roof that leads to an observation deck from which you can launch a drone for reconnaissance. But that’s not all.

Behind the wheel

The camper has an air filtration system, the cartridges of which will last for six months. A system of night vision cameras is also installed – on a telescopic rod, which gives a 360-degree view.

Behind the wheel

If someone tries to get close to your camper, you can activate the bear protection system with the push of a button. It will spoil the air around the camper, and then anyone will escape. If that’s not enough, the camper has a weapon storage box that you can fill as you see fit.

Behind the wheel

In addition to all this, the camper is equipped with a 100 liter fresh water tank, a filtration system and four lithium-ion-phosphate batteries with a capacity of 100 ampere-hours, the charge of which is enough for the camper for 20 hours. Batteries are recharged while driving or from solar panels. But there is also a gasoline generator.

Behind the wheel

Also inside you will find a 32-inch TV, Starlink Internet connection, radio system and air conditioning.

In addition, there is a kitchen with a sink and a two-burner stove. She’s actually outside. In the same place, outside, a folding canopy for outdoor recreation is fixed.

The cost of Mammoth Overland ELE is from $67,000 or from 5 million rubles.

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Photo: Mammoth Overland

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