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Aurus sales halved

Behind the wheel

According to the analytical agency “Avtostat”, in April, 2 cars of the premium Aurus brand were sold on the Russian market. In March, this figure was twice as high. The minimum price for which you can buy a car of this brand is 37,550,000 rubles (the price of a Komendant crossover)

For four months of the current year, sales amounted to 11 copies. For the whole of 2022, 31 cars were sold, and for 2021 – 20.

Behind the wheel

At the same time, Aurus plans to produce 200 Komendants in 2023, which is comparable to Bentley sales in Russia. In 2021, the company sold 256 cars.

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Source: autonews

Photo: Sofia Sandurskaya/AGN “Moscow”

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