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Aurus will present another version of the Senat sedan before the end of the year

According to TASS with reference to Fyodor Nazarov, General Director of FSUE NAMI, the novelty differs from the car that was shown at the Innoprom exhibition in Yekaterinburg last summer. The top manager noted that the design is already more advanced – in particular, it has other fuel cells.

In addition, he said that work is now underway on a sequential hybrid system. With this solution, the traditional internal combustion engine is not directly connected to the wheels and acts as a generator. On our own, we add that the Chinese company BYD has a similar development.

Recall that the “Senate” on hydrogen, presented in the summer of 2022, was equipped with a combined power plant with two electric motors and a hydrogen fuel engine. Such a machine is capable of traveling up to 600 km on one tank. It was also noted that approximately 80% of the parts in the innovative “heart” are of domestic production.

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