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Authorities of the Moscow Region are introducing “highlights” on the four most congested highways

At a meeting of one of the working groups of the Directorate of the Moscow transport hub last April, in all seriousness, the creation of lanes for public transport on four extremely busy highways leading from Moscow was discussed in all seriousness. Transport officials of both the capital and the Moscow region are determined to “roll up” the dedicated lanes outside the Moscow Ring Road on the M5 (Novoryazanskoye Highway), M7 (Gorkovskoye Highway), M8 (Yaroslavskoye Highway) and A105 (Kashirskoye Highway). As usual, the whole thing is presented under the “sauce” of improving the possibilities for public transport.

Fortunately, the federal “Rosavtodor”, in whose area of ​​responsibility these highways are located, is not at all eager to organize “dedicated areas” for them. Its specialists are sure that the named highways were originally designed in such a way that the organization of “bus” lanes on them is impractical. In addition, the share of public transport on each of the four highways is no more than 1.5% of all traffic.

Officials in Moscow and the Moscow region are pointing out that thanks to the “separate lines” these 1.5% will move along their routes 20-40 minutes faster, Kommersant reports. About how much slower the remaining 95% of cars will go because of this, “responsible jackets” prefer to remain silent.

Meanwhile, drivers who daily “move” along the M5, M7, M8 and A105 to Moscow and back, as well as motorists who use them for weekend trips outside the city, absolutely accurately represent the scale of daily traffic jams on these routes now, in the absence of “separate lanes” . And they can predict with the highest degree of certainty a radical deterioration in the situation after the “improvement” lobbied by regional officials.

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