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Auto Shanghai 2023: let’s visit it together

IN PIENO BOOM – In addition to having become, in terms of sales volumes, the most important car market in the world, the Chinese is also one of the largest producers with a variety of brands and models with few equals. An automotive culture, that of the Asian country, in many respects different from what we are used to, with a young industry that has seen exponential growth in the last twenty years and which has focused on electrification before others. So much so that, when we crossed the doors of theAuto Shanghai 2023 (the most important Chinese automotive event) we breathed an economic boom. Because if salons in Europe have lost their edge, here in China they are still the “right” stage to allow everyone these young brands to make yourself known. And it is also a showcase for European (especially German) brands that cannot ignore such an important commercial outlet.

EVER MORE INTERESTING – Wander around the many stands present at Auto Shanghai 2023 and realizing that you only know a part of Chinese production gives you an unusual sensation stimulates curiosity. If only to understand which of these models could arrive in Europe and with what arguments they can find their place in the sun in our latitudes. If European automakers are competing to increase their market shares here in the East, dozens of Chinese manufacturers preparing to land in Europe to conquer large slices of the market there, precisely, where home producers have vacated the land. And if the battle, in the final analysis, is still played out on price, what has changed the most in recent years is the quality of “Made in China” cars which have less and less gaps to fill with Western brands. Reality that we have touched with our hands and that we let you discover through ours special dedicated to Auto Shanghai 2023, with videos from the stands of the most interesting Chinese novelties, curiosities and the response of European manufacturers. Click below to start your journey in the “China world”.


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