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“Avtodor” began to sell car owners a strange CASCO on the M4 “Don”

Avtodor began advertising CASCO insurance, covering exclusively its customers during their trips along the M1 Belarus, M3 Ukraine, M4 Don, M11 Neva, M12 Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod-Kazan, A113 Central Ring Road and Zapadny high-speed diameter in Saint-Petersburg. Only holders of the T-pass transponder can use it. The insured person will be charged 50 rubles a month for subscribing to this service and, more importantly, he will pay 25% more (!) for travel on “payers” than his tariff requires. In other words, if a trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg on the M11 costs about 2,000 rubles, then with insurance from Avtodor, the price tag will rise to 2,500 rubles. And in the case of the M4 Don, the price will increase from 750 rubles for a trip from the capital to the Crimea to almost 1,000 rubles.

For this money, the car owner receives insurance that covers his material damage from an accident on a toll road. But only in the amount of not more than 1 million rubles. Compensation for harm to the health of the driver and passengers is not included in the insurance contract. And also the insurance company, in this case it is either TIT Insurance Company or Zetta Insurance, establishes a deductible in the amount of 40,000 rubles. That is, insurers pay only damage in excess of the designated amount. And this “fortieth” car owner (in which case) compensates himself.

It’s funny, but in Avtodor’s advertising of this CASCO, it is especially emphasized that it also covers the damage from falling trees. Which, in principle, should not be near the roadway of the “payer”. And the policy touchingly protects the car of the insured from the consequences of attacks by wild animals. Against which, along all toll roads, Avtodor seems to have installed solid mesh fences.

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