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“Avtodor” secretly increased the cost of travel on toll roads

Usually Avtodor is not shy and announces in advance in the media about each increase in prices for toll roads in the country, which are under its control. But this time (perhaps feeling a certain uncertainty in their actions), the company decided not to outrage the minds of the public and increased the fare on four of the six “own” routes silently. Tariffs increased at the end of April for M1 Belarus, M4 Don, M3 Ukraine and M11 Neva. Prices for the Central Ring Road and the current piece of M12 “Vostok” were not touched.

The fare for certain sections was not raised much – by about 10 rubles for each of the sections. But within the framework of a completely transparent logic – in order to collect more money from vacationers. On the M1 “Belarus” – in the section 33-66 km and on the M3 “Ukraine” – in the sections 124-150 km and 150-194 km. And on the M11 Neva and M4 Don, on which vacationers travel to the very end of the highways to the Black Sea and St. Petersburg, prices have increased almost along the entire length of the highway.

After that, Avtodor’s PR people can tell the media as much as they want about the company’s almost disinterested service to Russian motorists. However, the reality only demonstrates the desire of the road builders to “bite off” to the maximum from the spending of car owners on their holidays. Otherwise, the increase would not have been introduced at the very end of April, right before the May holidays, when a lot of capital drivers rush out of the city. Apparently, this time the company’s management did not even consider it necessary to warn them about the rise in prices. According to the principle “yes, where are you going to go – from a submarine.”

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