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AvtoVAZ resumed work – magazine Behind the wheel

The company has returned from a corporate vacation and begins mass production of serial Lada Vesta NG cars.

Behind the wheel

On May 10, AVTOVAZ returns from a corporate holiday (started on April 29) and starts production of Lada Vesta NG cars on the first line of the main conveyor in two full-time work shifts of 8 hours each.

It is expected to produce 560 vehicles per day at the initial stage of the new work cycle schedule.

*This material was created by a person who has the status of a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

Sales of the new generation Lada Vesta will begin in late May – early June, the head of AVTOVAZ, Maxim Sokolov, said earlier.

Granta production will resume in the usual two-shift mode, Niva production – in one day shift lasting 8 hours.

“Behind the wheel” can be read in Telegram

Source: Avtograd News/VKontakte

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