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“Black boxes” for cars will become mandatory from 2024

By law, the data from the accident recorder belongs to the driver or the owner of the car, but the court has the right to demand this information when analyzing the causes of the accident.

Behind the wheel

In Europe, from July 7, 2024, a flight recorder must be in every new car. Many cars are already equipped with the so-called event data recorder (EDR), but now without a “black box” a vehicle will simply not be registered in the EU countries.

We know that with the help of the “black box” in aircraft, you can find out how events unfolded before and shortly after the crash. A similar device is also used in cars: in the event of an accident, the EDR will save important parameters 5 s before and 300 ms after the collision.

*This material was created by a person who has the status of a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

The “black box” (actually a tiny device and not necessarily black) is usually installed in the airbag control unit, since this is where all the important information from the acceleration sensors is collected.

Data such as speed, engine speed, steering wheel angle, whether the airbag deployed at the time of the accident, etc. are recorded.

The data is stored locally in the vehicle and remains there. With the help of certain programs, they can be read via the ODB connector or directly from the airbag control unit.

From the point of view of data protection law, information from the EDR belongs to the driver or owner. However, in connection with civil or criminal proceedings, a court or prosecutor’s office may instruct an expert to read data from the recorder in order to clarify how an accident occurred.

Black box data will not be used as the sole source for accident reconstruction. Rather, they serve as an additional tool for identifying the causes of the accident.

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