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By what criteria do traffic cops actually choose cars that should be stopped

In the structure of the traffic police, in addition to the regulations, there are also a number of unspoken rules that guide traffic police inspectors during car checks on the road. And above all, people in uniform are guided by the appearance of the car and the face of its “helmsman”. So, for example, they do not disdain to slow down excessively dirty cars, or those whose numbers are not readable. In other words, “carts”, which are more difficult to remember in the case of “execution” on the roadway or the commission of any crime, and it is also almost impossible to catch traffic violations on camera.

In addition, increased attention is paid to “clients” on a bit t / s, which can be used for auto-setting or is wanted, as having left the scene of an accident. Law enforcement officers have a separate interest in drivers in sunglasses. According to traffic cops, “curtains” over the eyes, as a rule, are pulled by people who have consumed alcohol the day before, or even something more serious. Chewing gum in the driver’s mouth, as well as a jar of energy drink and, sometimes, even water will produce a similar effect.

We believe it’s not worth talking about tinted cars, but it won’t hurt to remind about all kinds of styling. Any changes in the design of the vehicle – from non-standard lighting to the so-called power bumpers – will easily attract the attention of the traffic police. Let’s say more: even a decorative film, permitted by law, also often becomes a reason for an additional check of the car. What to do: servicemen do not honor lovers to stand out from the stream.

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