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calculated how many years it will take

The cheapest thing in “cups of coffee” is buying a used Lada.

Behind the wheel

An unusual study was conducted by Avito Auto experts. They calculated that in order to buy a used Lada car in 2023, a Russian needs to give up 2,000 cups of coffee.

You can buy a budget Nissan on the secondary market, depriving yourself of at least 7.7 thousand cups of coffee.

Inexpensive Volkswagen “will cost” 8.6 thousand cups of an invigorating drink, and Hyundai – 10 thousand cups of coffee. Used Toyota and Kia “cost” even more – 12.2 thousand and almost 13 thousand, respectively.

“Thus, if Russians who drink five cups of coffee every day give up the drink for a year, then the savings can be used to buy a car,” the study says.

When analyzing, the experts took the cost of a standard cup of coffee at the rate of 80 to 100 rubles and the average price of a car – 550 thousand rubles.

“Behind the wheel” can be read on VKontakte


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