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Cameras helped reduce road deaths by three times

Most photo and video recording systems are installed in Moscow. Since 2012, thanks to them, not only have there been fewer accidents in the city, but the number of hijackings has decreased by 14 cuts.

Behind the wheel

The system of photo and video recording of the TsODD in Moscow today includes 3.8 thousand complexes: stationary, mobile and mobile cameras. Their installation helps to reduce the number of accidents, violations of traffic rules, the number of thefts and save lives.

The system went live in 2012.

*This material was created by a person who has the status of a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

Since then, the number of deaths in road accidents per 100 thousand of the population has decreased three times, and car thefts have become almost 14 times less,” wrote Sergei Sobyanin in his Telegram channel.

Since 2015, the complexes have been installed at 531 accident concentration points. As a result, accidents ceased to occur in 87% of places, the mayor emphasized.

The cameras operate continuously and recognize more than 70 million vehicle passages per day. Since 2018, all images with signs of violations are processed by neural networks. But the final decision on the fine is still made by specialists.

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Source: Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin/Telegram

Photo: AGN “Moscow”

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