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Can a traffic police officer independently open the doors in a stopped car

However, traffic cops can “break into” someone else’s car in the so-called cases of extreme necessity, when they need a car for urgent official purposes. For example, to stop crimes, organize the pursuit of intruders, and so on. True, law enforcement agencies will be required to pay compensation to the owner of the car for the use of transport, as well as incur expenses if the “iron horse” breaks down or gets damaged.

In the case when it comes to an ordinary document check, roadside policemen themselves do not have the right to open the doors of a private car. If the traffic cops have allowed themselves such liberties, then boldly close it back, continuing to communicate through the window, and even better – under the recording of a smartphone video camera. The maximum that law enforcement officers are allowed to do is to lightly tap on the glass, attracting the attention of the driver, who is obliged to immediately transfer their “rights” and STS to them.

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