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Can a traffic police officer require a stopped driver to fully open the window

However, if the pilot is suspected of using “hot” law enforcement officers have the right to demand that the latter leave the car, “blow into a tube” or drive to the nearest medical facility for examination.

If there are no such suspicions, as well as there is no need for an additional check of the driver and his vehicle, then the traffic cop has no right to demand that the glass be lowered in the car. The maximum is to ask. But the driver is not obliged to satisfy the request of the law enforcement officer.

Moreover, the width of the gap of the ajar window required for the driver to communicate with the policeman is not regulated by any legislative act. The main thing is that the “helmsman” should have the opportunity to hand over the documents to the inspector for verification, and during the dialogue they could see and hear each other without hindrance.

By the way, do you know by what gestures and facial expressions the traffic cops identify the driver who drank the day before? Then you are here.

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