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Car incentives 2023: Lombardy allocates 12 million

The regional council of the region Lombardyon the proposal of the councilor for the environment and climate, Giorgio Maione, approved the resolution that determines the contributions to renew the vehicle fleet, which can be combined with the car incentives 2023 nationwide. For this year, the measure, intended for natural persons residing in Lombardy, will have a budget of 11,848,000 euros. There publication of the announcement it will take place by August 2023; to submit the application, the citizen must access the bandionline section of the Lombardy Region website. According to what was communicated by the region, the grant is awarded with an “over the counter” evaluation procedure, according to the chronological order of online booking.

The contribution starts from a minimum of 1,000 eurosor until you reach i 4.000 euro. The highest will be for those who purchase a zero-emission vehicle (electric or hydrogen) in the event of the simultaneous scrapping of a car up to Euro 5 diesel or petrol up to Euro 2. The incentives cover various types of engines, including thermal Euro 6D petrol and diesel, bi-fuel methane or LPG and hybrids.

Below the foreseen incentives in relation to the type of vehicle purchased:

4000 euros (with scrapping) Electric or hydrogen 0 0
1000 euros (without scrapping) Electric or hydrogen 0 0
2.500 euro Euro 6d petrol, methane, LPG or hybrid Up to 60g/km Up to 85.8 mg/km
2.000 euro Euro 6d diesel Up to 60g/km Up to 126 mg/km
2.000 euro Euro 6d petrol, methane, LPG or hybrid Between 61 and 120 g/km Up to 85.8 mg/km
1.500 euro Euro 6d diesel Between 61 and 120 g/km Up to 126 mg/km

Both newly registered cars and those already registered after the are eligible January 1, 2022 made out to a vehicle manufacturer or a category M1 seller/dealer, provided they are able to guarantee low or zero pollutant emissions.

As regards the binding conditions to access the contribution:

  • The seller must apply a discount of at least 12% on the basic purchase price (list price of the basic model, net of any optional equipment) or at least 2,000 euros (VAT included)
  • In the case of purchase of an electric or hydrogen car, without radiation from a polluting vehicle, the discount applied must be at least 1,000 euros (VAT included).
  • The basic purchase price, net of any optional equipment of the vehicle to be incentivized, must not exceed 35,000 euros for the 61-120 g/km of CO2 range or 45,000 euros for the 0-60 g/km of CO2 range.

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