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Car market in Europe: +16.1% in April 2023

CONTINUE THE TREND – Continue the positive momentum of car market in Europe, which is recovering some of the losses it suffered from 2020 onwards. In the month of April 2023and for the ninth consecutive year, it recorded a plus sign: this time in the European Union (with the addition of the EFTA and UK markets), growth was 16.1% compared to the same period of the previous year (+17 .2% considering only EU countries), with a total of 964,932 cars registered. In the first quarter of 2023, the positive balance rises to +17.2%, reaching 4,201,918 cars sold against 3,585,944 in January-April 2022.

THE COUNTRIES – The increase in registrations involved all five major markets, with theItaly which took first place (+29,2%, Who to find out more) followed by France (+21.9%), Germany (+12.6%), United Kingdom (+11.6%) and Spain (+8.2%). The latter has the most consistent growth in the first quarter (+33.7%), with Italy in second place (+26.9%), followed by the United Kingdom (+16.9%), France (+16 .7%) and Germany (+7.9%). Looking at the number of registrations, Italy occupies fourth place both in April and in the quarter.

THE TYPES OF POWER – In April 2023, 126,404 were registered in the European Union (with the addition of the EFTA and UK markets) electric cars (+49,2%), 70.644 ibride plug-in, down by 2.4%, while hybrids grew, with a +19.5% and 246,483 units. The market is still dominated by petrol cars, with 370,604 units and a +14.8%, while diesels were slightly down with 126,039 cars (-0.8%).

ITALY LATE ON EV – Regarding electric cars, theItalia is bringing up the rear among the five majors, with a 3.1% share of pure electric companies (BEV) and 4.8% plug-in hybrids (PHEV). The difference compared to other countries is notable: in Germany electrics are 14.7% and PHEVs 5.8%, in the UK BEVs 15.4% and PHEVs 6.5%.

THE BUILDERS – Considering the situation of the builders, the Volkswagen Groupconfirms itself in first place with 263,871 cars (+31.2%), followed by Stellar with 169,022 cars (+8.2%), and from the Renault Group to 97,980 cars (+39.5%). Within the Stellantis Group, 4,548 cars were sold by Alfa Romeo (+120.2%) and +22.5% by Opel, with 37,373 cars. Robust growth also for Tesla, which sells 14,030 cars, recording a growth of 856.4%. Dacia also did well, growing by 44.6%, placing 44,590 cars.

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