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Car market in Italy: +29.2% in April 2023

RISING FORECASTS – The past month was a very positive month for the Italian car market, which ad April 2023 makes it register 125,805 registrations with a growth of 29.2% compared to April 2022, which with 97,365 units had archived the lowest volume for the fourth month of the year after that of the lockdown. In the cumulative period (January-April), the number of registrations rose to 552,850 units, up by 26.9% compared to 435,681 in January-April 2022. Considering the performance in the first quarter, +26.2% over 2022, the esteem of the UNRAE for 2023 is reviewed at riseforecasting 1,470,000 registrations by the end of the year, up 11.6% on 2022.

TYPES OF CUSTOMERS – The analysis of the April 2023 market structure in terms of users shows generalized growth, with private, which, however, lost 4.8% reaching 48.1% of the total, with a share of 53.5% in the first quarter (-7.3%). Self-registrations in the same month stop at 8.8% (-0.2%), 8.3% in the 1st quarter (-1.1%). The long term rental recovers, rising to 26.0% (+0.6%); in the quarter it comes to represent 25.8% of the market (+5.5%). Short-term rental also grew, reaching 11.4% and in the cumulative it rose to 6.2% (+3%). The society they lost 1 share point, to 5.7% in the month, with 6.2% in the first quarter.

THE TYPES OF POWER – Between the power supplies, the motor a gas marks a strong recovery, rising to a 29.2% share (+2.2%, to 27.6% in January-April). The diesel on the other hand, its share fell to 19.7% (-1.4%, to 19.6% in the first quarter). The Gpl rises to 8.3% share (to 9% in the first four months), and the methane it stops at 0.1% share. Cars electric decrease in share compared to the recovery in March, stopping at a 3.1% share in the month (3.7% in the quarter), while the rechargeable hybrids they rise to 4.8% (4.5% in January-April). Overall the so-called cars CVD (electric and hybrid) accounted for 7.9% of the market in April. Hybrids remain stable at 34.8% of preferences (35.5% in January-April), with 8.3% for “full” hybrids and 26.5% for mild hybrids (light hybrids)

BY CATEGORY – Segment analysis in April shows share declined by citycar (segment A), to 11.7%, and a slight reduction in sedans utilitarian segment B (17.9%). SUVs are losing ground in the segment, while recovering it in the B segment, which stands at 27.1% of the share. Between the average in the C segment both SUVs rose, to 20.4% of representation, and sedans to 5.8%. Set them sedan segment D, with a 0.7% share, while SUVs lose (6% of the total). In the’top of the range SUVs represent 1.7% of the market and sedans 0.2%. Station wagons represent 4.4% of the total, multi-spacers 1.9% and sports cars 0.8%.

THE BUILDERS – Looking at the situation of the builders, Stellar confirmed its first place with 43,160 registrations (+24.7%), thanks to the positive performance of all brands. +155.1% for Alfa Romeo (2,380 units), 20% for DS (630 cars), +5.2% for Fiat (15,359 cars), +45.7% for Jeep (6,025). The luxury brand Maserati also did well, closing with 324 cars. Second place for the Volkswagen Group with 22,893 cars, third for Gruppo Renault with 12,601 registrations. Worth noting are the excellent performances of DR (2,428 cars, with +101.2%), Lynk & Co (796 cars, +161%) and MG (3,029, with +478.1%).

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