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CATL announces 500 Wh/kg super batteries

THE WEIGHT PER KWH – One of the current problems battery is their weight. The larger the capacity, the higher the weight. Of course this varies according to the emergy density: The most advanced cells currently used by the automotive industry have a density of approximately 250 Wh/kg (watt hour per kilogram). Doing the quick calculations, 1 kWh therefore weighs about 4 kg, 100 kWh about 400 kg. The Chinese CATL claims to have found a technology that allows you to have up to 500 Wh/kgwhich would therefore allow to have the same energy available with practically half the weight.

NOT JUST FOR CARS – CATL ensures that within a short period it will be ready for mass production of these new batteries. According to the company, in addition to cars, this type of technology would lend itself in particular to a aeronautical use. Currently, CATL is already collaborating with some realities for the development of electric aircraft intended for the transport of passengers, carrying out tests in compliance with aeronautical-level safety and quality requirements. At the same time, the Chinese company confirms that it will also launch the automotive version of the condensed batteries, which will begin to be mass-produced by the end of the year.

FROM EARTH TO SKY – Electrification in this way would move from land to sky, making air travel more in line with new environmental sensitivities. “The launch of condensed batteries will usher in aera of universal electrification of sea, land and air transport, will open up more possibilities for the development of the sector and allow the achievement of global carbon neutrality objectives in less time”, reads a CATL statement.

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