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Chery has added a new “aspirated” crossover Tiggo 4 Pro

The seriousness of the changes is confirmed by the change in the index and the reduction in displacement from 1499 to 1498 cubic centimeters. The marking of the continuously variable transmission after restyling is also different: not CVT18, but its improved analogue CVT25. The combination of the turbo engine and the CVT is unchanged: the 1.5-liter engine produces the same 156 forces and 230 Nm.

Improvements to the appearance of Chery Tiggo 5x from the field of decor: the palette of rims has been expanded, new interior design options have appeared. The interior is not the same as the Russian Tiggo 4 Pro, but in China, a variant with a Jaguar Land Rover climate unit, a fixed gear joystick and a perpendicular arrangement of wireless gadget charging has been used since last year.

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