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Chinese spare parts: why experienced drivers prefer to overpay for the brand

The exhibition of spare parts and technologies for car service that took place in the fall, which would be more correctly called Chinese, demonstrated the widest range of various “stuff” produced by the comprehensive industry of the Middle Kingdom. A brief review made it clear: there is a solution for any automotive issue – from brake pads to complete motors. This is where we’ll go! Moreover, the prices are very, very reasonable. Certainly closer to the truth than the insurmountable price tags on boxes with well-known brands.

There is nothing outrageous or illegal in the desire to save money: over the past few years, the wallet has only been shrinking, and new holes in the belt are appearing with incredible speed. If you want to drive a car, please spin around, and at the highest speed. People, which is normal, begin to look for simpler and cheaper options in the hope of our native “maybe it’s like it.” And he finds: Chinese analogues at an affordable price and, at first glance, seemingly of good quality. And what can you do wrong with the same block, where the production technology was from the sixties, if not earlier! Alas, it is possible.

Here is a box of pads from an unknown Chinese brand, the purchase of which, thanks to Black Friday and the generosity of the marketplace, amounted to a three-digit figure. Yes, the largest of the three-digit ones, but still! Armed with the same “what could be wrong”, we purchase and install it on the car.

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