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Citroën C5 X: There you go, the comodità

He knows how to rock you

This 481 cm long sedan focuses on a refined style. The five-door body with sloping rear window is reminiscent of a wagon, while the considerable ground clearance (19.4 cm) and the dark plastic inserts at the base of the bumpers and doors and around the wheels bring the Citroen C5 X to the world of crossovers. Large (19”) but narrow, the wheels give a muscular look without penalizing consumption, and the high shoulder of the tires favors comfort, together with the softness of the seats and suspension.

The latter have shock absorbers with partially hydraulic end stops, rather than just rubber, precisely for dampen disconnections better. What’s more, plug-in hybrids such as the test car have an electronic control which varies the calibration both according to the driving mode and, instant by instant, according to the movements of the bodywork. A control unit analyzes the data from four ground clearance sensors (one for each wheel) and three from vertical acceleration, to open or close the solenoid valve of each shock absorber. However, the response is soft (even in Sport mode) and in mixed conditions it sways a bit, also due to the weight of the car: 1722 kg, 255 more than the 181 bhp non-hybrid 1.6.

Discrete consumption of Citroen C5 X once the 12.4 kWh battery, sufficient to travel 46 km in electric mode, went to zero; to recharge it takes about 3.5 hours (at 3.7 kW), while the times are halved (provided you have a socket of at least 7.4 kW) with the optional integrated charger. As for the endowmentthe Shine Pack is decidedly rich: it has cameras with a 360° view (precious given the very limited view from the rear window, among other things without a windshield wiper), head-up display, leather interior, soundproofing laminated windows and much more for comfort, in addition to the refined driving assistance systems (including the semi-autonomous Level 2).

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