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Come and see: how the Chinese traffic police take exams for “rights”

It is foolish to think that the changes last year took place exclusively in Russia and neighboring states of the former USSR. No, the whole world is shaking, and experts and specialists agree that we are only witnessing the birth of a storm. Alas, our country is traditionally on the crest of this wave, once again a pioneer, skimming off all the heaviest and most difficult “cream” of the process. One day, of course, we will be rewarded for our patience and work, but the sudden turn to the east that happened for many years was talked about, and then, as usual, was issued in one day, it also implies training. Acceptance, if you like, of the best that Asia has accumulated over all the years that the world has looked at the Old and New Worlds.

And there, believe me, there is something to see: technology, fantastic development of engineering, fabulous skyscrapers and much more. However, very efficient and productive techniques can be found in Chinese everyday life. China is famous for more than one charge of Qigong.

For example, an exam for the right to become a driver. The technical part of it is not so interesting, but the moral part is very. The fact is that each subject, before he is given the long-awaited “crust”, must carefully and without being distracted by the phone – this is monitored – watch a two-hour film. A film full of footage of the most monstrous and bloody accidents. A total of 120 minutes of death on the roads, which in the same European society would have caused numerous courts and even the emergence of new genders or religions. However, in China it is mandatory and enshrined in law.

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