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Confessions of a reseller: what to expect, how much to save, what to look for when buying a used car

There are different kinds of arrests. If there are traffic police fines and debts not related to a loan for this car, then I consider, buy, and pay off the debt. That is, the price for such a car is as follows: the wishes of the owner minus the debt, which can be viewed in the report of the Autocode Profi resource, and minus a small allowance for yourself. Does the owner want 500,000, and debts for 300,000? Get a maximum of a hundred.

– Oh!

“It will take a lot of time to get out of debt. For example, I am in Yekaterinburg, and the bailiff who imposed the ban is in the Moscow region. Until I get through to him! Sometimes it’s easier and faster to go. There were cases in my practice when I had to look for bailiffs with the police! Everything is individual, each case must be dealt with separately.

– “Crooked” documents, inheritance, lost TCP and STS?

– Well, TCP / STS can be restored if the owner of the car is present at the transaction. It is not difficult. “Crooked” documents and a deceased relative are six months. It happens that you need money for a funeral, for example. I give part of the money and take the car. When the inheritance is issued, I give the second part. Sometimes such deals are even profitable. I would take a chance. It is important to prescribe in the contract that the owner confirms that there are no pledges, the car is not arrested – this is how the reseller insures himself. Many resellers who understand bureaucracy make good money on such machines.

– A credit car for which the debt has not been paid?

– In no case, if the amount of debt exceeds the cost of the car (for example, not one loan, but several). If the amount of debt does not exceed the cost of the car and there is potential earnings, such a deal can be considered.

– Cars from bank auctions that were taken from debtors?

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