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Crab-stepping Hyundai

FOR NOW IT’S AN EXPERIMENT – Parking maneuvers can be a source of stress, especially if you don’t have sufficient manual dexterity. Mindful of this, the Hyundai Mobis presented a technology capable of simplifying them, making them decidedly more immediate. Is called e-Corner Systemand is an experimental steering system fitted to a Hyundai Ioniq 5 (see video below) to evaluate its goodness and therefore its possible future use on production models.

THE CAR MOVES FREELY – L’e-Corner System allows the car to roll sideways, as all four wheels can rotate 90 degrees. But that’s not all, because it is also equipped with the mode that makes the front wheels rotate in while the rear ones rotate out, so as to allow the car to rotate itself 360 degrees. This function allows the driver to reverse the direction of travel of the vehicle in a small space. You can see it in action in the video drive diagonallywhich rotates all four wheels in the same direction at 45 degrees, which is useful for avoiding obstacles, and the so-called “pivot turn”, which allows the driver to choose any point on the central axis to rotate the car, replicating the movement of a compass around a point.

EACH WHEEL DOES ITSELF – But how does the e-Corner work? In order to make the wheels free to rotate 90 degrees, the Korean company moved the engines directly within the group wheel, creating specific suspensions. There is no direct connection between steering wheel and wheels and between brake pedal and brake system, as the whole thing comes managed by electronics on board and by the drive-by-wire system which eliminates the mechanical connections between the components.

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