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Dealers have BAIC X35 crossovers assembled in Kaliningrad

So far, you can only buy a car on the “mechanics”, but in the near future they will also bring you on the “automatic”.

Behind the wheel

BAIC X35 crossovers have already appeared in Russian dealerships. The assembly of BAIC vehicles based on Chinese components began at Avtotor in early April. In production, already welded and painted bodies are used with partial localization of first-level components.

In car dealerships, buyers can still purchase a crossover on the “mechanics” at a price of 1.7 million rubles. Options on the “machine” are expected from May 15, their cost starts from 1.75 million rubles. The drive in all versions and combinations is only the front.

*This material was created by a person who has the status of a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

The BAIC X35 is offered in four trim levels: Fashion A, Fashion, Fashion Plus and Luxury. The crossover on the manual gearbox is equipped with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 116 hp. with., on the variator – with a capacity of 150 liters. With.

Earlier it was reported that in May, U5 Plus sedans should also be delivered to dealers at a price of 1.7 million rubles. Another model, the BJ40 SUV, will be on sale a little later. And in total, by the end of 2023, Avtotor intends to master the assembly of 14 models.

Behind the wheel“Behind the wheel” can be read in Telegram

Source: Russian newspaper

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