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Demand for domestic and Chinese electric cars has grown in Russia

In the changed market, the most popular electric cars among Russians are Evolute, Moskvich and Voyah. According to the results of January-April 2023, the Chinese Voyah-Free crossover became the absolute leader in demand, for which they ask from 7.3 million rubles. The same data is from the Europlan company, which also recorded a high demand for the Voyah Dreamer minivan at a price of about 11 million rubles.

In second place is the Russian brand Evolute, which sells Chinese Dongfeng electric cars. Moreover, the more expensive model is the most popular – the i-Joy crossover worth 3.5 million rubles. A more affordable i-Pro for 1.9 million was bought by half as many Russians. Sberbank Leasing noted that in 2023 they expect more active demand for Evolute than in 2022. In total, last year the Russians bought 2998 electric cars on lease and without it, setting a record.

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