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Deputy nonsense, greed of automakers and profitable “Chinese”: the results of the week

Speaking of domestic cars. The National Automobile Union sent a letter to the President of AvtoVAZ, Maxim Sokolov, with a proposal to withdraw the “simplified” LADA Granta. Those that were sold and even in some places are still being sold – without pillows, ABS and some other auxiliary systems. The union rightly believes that “anti-crisis” cars are extremely dangerous, and therefore they should be equipped with the necessary equipment as part of a service campaign, that is, free of charge for owners.

Well, now – to the “Chinese”. The official distributor of the new for Russia Sino-Italian brand SWM revealed technical details about the machines for our country. This brand debuts with the G01 and G01F crossovers, which, in fact, are two versions of the same model: the difference is only in appearance, dimensions and ground clearance. But the prices, alas, were not named – they will be published, probably, only closer to the start of sales. And it should take place before the end of May.

“But who needs these Chinese cars: not only will you suffer with them all the time, but then you won’t resell them,” you might say. But no, not all. The National Industrial Information Agency (NAPI) called “celestial” cars, which are slower than others to lose value in the secondary market. The top three are models that have fallen in price by only 18%, 19% and 26% from the original price. Agree, not bad.

And more about all the most important events in the automotive life of the country in recent days – in the video review of the AvtoVzglyad portal, which can be viewed here.

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