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Disclosed the number of sold “Moskvich”

According to the press service of the plant, in April, the Russians purchased 969 cars, which is almost twice the result of March. Approximately half of all Muscovites sold have already been registered. 513 crossovers were bought by individuals, and 235 of these cars were sold at a discount under the trade-in program. Another 456 vehicles were handed over to corporate clients, as well as small and medium fleets.

Soon, Moskvich will ship five thousand cars to taxi companies – these will be both fuel-powered Moskvich 3 and electric Moskvich 3e. In an interview with the portal, Deputy Mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov confirmed that the capital plant has already signed contracts with several taxi services – their fleets will be replenished with 3,000 Moskvich 3, which are equipped with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine, and 2,000 Moskvich 3e » with an electric power plant.

So far, the plant’s model line consists of these two models, but by the end of 2023, Moskvich will introduce two more cars with indexes 5 and 6. Serial production of Moskvich 6, built on the basis of the Chinese liftback Sehol Yao, will begin in July-August this year. year, and in September the first copies will hit the dealerships.

About “Moskvich 5” it is known that this is a mid-size crossover, which is a JAC X6 or JAC X7 with other nameplates. The timing of the start of its assembly is still unknown.

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