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Divorce, placebo or panacea: how effective are automotive additives really

The only pity is that the wise engineers did not decipher the “difficult conditions.” A Russian person in this phrase sees swampy abysses, broken and flooded dirt roads, the severe cold of the north, but in fact we are talking about the city crush, in which the engine wears out very quickly, constantly working at idle. And the oil burns out ahead of time.

Another thing is the fuel system. The declared octane number of gasoline at Russian gas stations, alas, does not always coincide with reality. As, in fact, the freezing point of diesel fuel. Both the one and the other parameter can be “brought to mind” with an additive, and for this the motor will only say “thank you”.

Russian fuel can be good, but washing tanks and fuel terminals at gas stations has not yet been learned everywhere: as a result, dirt gets on nozzles, clogs fuel lines and grids, forcing the pump to work at its limit. It will not last long in this mode. The solution is cleaning compounds, which, lo and behold, are produced not only by specialized “chemists”, but also by automobile concerns. And this is another calico.

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