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Dreaming is not harmful: Korean cars have ended in Russia

Much more interesting is the situation with the most popular crossover Kia Sportage, which is offered only on the “parallel”, but you can find a car even on the “mechanics”. By the way, we found on sale two SUVs “on hand” and with a rather meager list of equipment. But unlike the “automatic” version with all the “goodies”, which will ask for at least 3,617,900 rubles, the “manual” one will cost 2,850,000. Almost corresponding to the recommended retail price of the Korean automaker “frozen” in Russia.

As the Kia Center Sheremetyevo told the AvtoVzglyad portal, stocks are running out before our eyes: there are only four “live” Kia Cerato left, whose price tag, depending on the configuration, varies from 2.5 to 2.9 million rubles. The credit rate starts from 13.4%, and you can save about 100,000 when buying a car under the Trade-in scheme. In the backyard of the DC, three copies of Kia Ceed in Comfort versions are waiting in the wings. As soon as they run out, the dealer will only carry cars through the parallel import window. Moreover, it will not work to order a car in the version of interest – you will have to take what the seller himself wants to bring. In other words, something much more expensive than you would like.

By the way, in cooperation with insurance companies, car dealerships began to offer a guarantee for imported products, which costs 80,000 rubles and is valid for the next two years. But it only applies to the engine and gearbox. Everything else is “your problem”. As, in fact, the subsequent shortage of components, due to the ban on exports to Russia, which was imposed by the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. In general, good boots, but you don’t need to take …

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