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Drunken scooter driver arranged a race with the traffic police crew (video)

He led the chase into a cramped yard and tried to “leave the gardens” …

Behind the wheel

The May holidays for one of the traffic police crews from the village of Zarechye near Moscow began in a combative way. On May 2, at the intersection of Olimpiyskaya and Borshodskaya streets, traffic police officers tried to stop a man on a scooter who aroused suspicion in his driving style.

However, the man did not comply with the demand and tried to escape. The crew gave chase, the onboard of which we can now watch. Judging by the video, the pursuit turned out to be long and quite dynamic.

At some point, the picture switches to a camera mounted on the uniform of one of the policemen. The fact is that the scooter driver led the chase into a cramped yard and tried to “leave the gardens.”

But the guardian of the law quickly jumped out of the car and continued the pursuit at a run. After the arrest, it turned out that the 30-year-old “rider” was indeed driving while intoxicated.

Moreover, he had previously been caught in such a violation. Now he faces criminal charges.

“Behind the wheel” can be viewed on RuTube.

Source: Main Road

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