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Due to sanctions, Russia may remain the only tire manufacturer in Europe

A month earlier, the American tire manufacturer Goodyear Tire&Rubber Co. also decided to close two of its enterprises in the Old World – in Fürstenwald and Fulda. Obviously for the same reasons as Michelin.

If nothing changes in the continent’s economy in the near future, other manufacturers of automobile rubber will follow in their footsteps: expensive energy and raw materials cannot be fought against. Unless Nokian Tires and Michelin have a chance to compete for their existence in their native land. The Finns and French have their own nuclear power generation at their disposal. Although it is not a fact that this will greatly help them in the fight against cheap Chinese tires, persistently making their way into the EU markets.

The collapse of the European tire industry could lead to a paradoxical situation. The fact is that the departure of Western tire manufacturers from Russia did not lead to the closure of the tire production facilities they organized on our territory. The Nokian Tires factories in the Leningrad region, Continental in the Kaluga region, Yokohama in Lipetsk, Michelin in the Moscow region, Pirelli in Voronezh and Kirov, Bridgestone in the Ulyanovsk region have not gone away and produce their specialized products. Like the “old Soviet” tire enterprises – the same Yaroslavl, Nizhnekamsk and other factories, which calmly withstand competition with Chinese suppliers.

And it may well turn out that in the end, on the European continent – from Portugal to the Urals – the tire industry will remain primarily in Russia: thriving on accessible raw materials and inexpensive energy.

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