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“Electric trains” Evolute: record, but modest sales in Russia


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The Russian manufacturer of “electric trains” – the company “Motorinvnst” – published the results of the sale of cars in April. Brands such as Evolute and Voyah again occupy a leading position in the domestic market. But there are many nuances here.

In the second month of spring, 187 Evolute electric cars were registered, which is more than 25% of all registrations in the electric transport segment. And in the first four months of 2023, 552 cars of this brand were sold.

In second place is Voyah. In April, 162 cars of the brand were found by buyers. Recall that two models are now presented on the Russian market – the Voyah Free electric crossover and the Dream minivan. In the near future, the model range will replenish the Passion sedan. In total, in January-April 2023, 446 innovative “iron horses” of the brand were sold.

If we compare the results of the two brands with the sales data of most familiar gasoline cars, the numbers do not seem to be record-breaking. Rather, they are very modest. The development of electric transport continues to be hampered by the lack of infrastructure and overpriced “prices” for “battery” cars. And, of course, their sky-high prices.



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