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“Elephant sickness”: the Russian auto industry will be “revived” throughout the Chinese

Blame everything on the only suitable brand – Chinese? Artificially make it the exclusive supplier of vehicles for the entire transport industry? It won’t hurt too much, will it?

In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is definitely going to change the criteria for the localization of cars. Until now, the emphasis in this sense has been, roughly speaking, on the manufacture of bodies in the Russian territory – their stamping, welding, painting. And in the near future, the percentage of localization will begin to be calculated mainly according to the degree of “Russianness” of the engine, transmission, chassis components, and electronics. After that, the Haval models will certainly show a blatantly low content of domestic components.

To create (partially from scratch) a national auto components industry is a matter of decades and trillions of investments. Import substitution will not work quickly. If only because of the lack of competencies in the organization of many highly specialized industries. The manufacture of some small (but desperately necessary!) piece of iron, used by the same AvtoVAZ in one of its models, most likely will not be profitable. Now, if “pieces of iron” of a similar purpose went to the conveyors of half of the world’s car factories, providing output volumes, then the business would be profitable. Strictly speaking, the entire global automotive components industry operates on this principle.

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