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Engine oil degradation: what it is and how to determine it

Therefore, first remove the filler cap and inspect its lower part. If solid deposits are visible there, similar to soot, then we confidently assert: the owner did not follow the maintenance intervals or used low-quality oils.

Then warm up the unit to operating temperature, muffle and unscrew the cover again. And if blue smoke comes out of the neck or the smell of waste is felt, the condition of the consumable (and the “dvigla” itself) is disgusting.

In order not to lead to a ruinous overhaul, change the oil not by mileage, but by engine hours. Especially if the engine is supercharged, and the car often pushes in city traffic jams. The second advice is to merge mining completely. The AvtoVzglyad portal has already written about this in detail.

Finally, special compositions can also be used, for example, the so-called soft engine flushes. They remove various deposits from the system and clean the hydraulic drives. So you will definitely be sure that the lubricant will not fail, and the motor will live for a long time.

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