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ERA-GLONASS will teach you how to turn on the air conditioner and open the trunk

– A new direction – connecting various voice assistants to the SOS button, we are working on, discussing several areas of cooperation. These can be solutions from Yandex, Vkontakte or other services — there is an opportunity not only to use their opportunities, but also through them to operate car functions, including the conditioner and navigation, opening of doors, hatches, luggage carriers — the head of joint-stock company said GLONASS Alexey Raikevich.

According to him, it is already possible to connect to the SOS button in the car a call for a detachment of fighters of the National Guard – in case of any criminal problems on the road. This service is paid – in contrast to calling emergency services in case of an accident, RIA Novosti reported.

The AvtoVzglyad portal wrote several years ago that, according to unofficial information from the developers of ERA-GLONASS units, these devices are able to influence not only the service functions of the car, but also power units. That potentially allows you to control the vehicle at a distance.

Initially, such functionality was laid in the interests of special services and law enforcement officers. However, it is possible that over time – for example, after the introduction of “civilian” voice assistants in ERA-GLONASS automobiles – attackers will also be able to take advantage of the hidden capabilities of the system, gaining unauthorized access to victims’ machines.

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