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Even China has its mega pickup

SIX WHEEL DRIVE – Remember the Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6, which gave rise to the “fashion” of six-wheeled off-road vehicles (Who a selection of the most original)? About ten years later, the CyberP!ckup it could be considered the Chinese answer to that incredible vehicle designed for Arab sheikhs. It is a concept car based on the Shanhai Cannon pickup and was presented at the Shanghai Motor Show by Great Wall in collaboration with the Chaojing. And if the Mercedes 6×6 had a powerful 544 HP biturbo V8, the Chinese concept is in step with the times, with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a V6 and an electric unit for 517 HP of power and 553Nm of torque. The Great Wall ensures that the CyberP!ckup is destined for production and could also be offered in an all-electric or hydrogen-powered version.

FIVE DIFFERENTIAL BLOCKS – The most evident change compared to the model from which it derives is the presence of three axles on which six 18-inch wheels equipped with off-road tires are mounted. Under the bodywork of the CyberP!ckup there are offroad suspensions with nitrogen shock absorbers. Five electronic differential locks are available and the electric module allows distances of around fifty kilometers in all-electric mode.

MUSCLES IN SIGHT – Even the aesthetics of the CyberP!ckup has been updated with respect to the model from which it derives. The front bumper is new, as is the grille, sportier and framed by new light clusters and furrowed by an LED bar. The hood, in carbon fiber, is more muscular and is equipped with air intakes on the sides. At the rear, the box body has been lengthened and the access door is divided into two parts. Instead, it is kept double cabin with five seats available, for a passenger compartment with light upholstery embellished with the CyberP!ckup writing.

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