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Ex-lava Audi pleaded guilty to Dieselgate

He regrets that he committed fraud.

Behind the wheel

Former Audi CEO Rupert Stadler became the first Volkswagen Group executive to fully admit guilt in the Dieselgate case.

The investigation into a major scandal called Dieselgate began in 2015. Then the Environmental Protection Agency accused the German concern of using software that deliberately underestimated the level of harmful emissions from diesel cars. Stadler knew about these frauds, could influence the situation, but did not. What he now regrets.

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Earlier, he made a deal with the prosecution, according to which, in the event of a voluntary confession of guilt and a fine of 1.1 million euros, the top manager will be able to avoid imprisonment and get off with a suspended sentence.

Rupert Stadler was arrested in 2018. He denied involvement in the scheme for several years, but changed his testimony in the spring of 2023.

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Source: Focus Online

Photo: Unsplash, Youtube video screenshot

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