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Exchange prices for gasoline in Russia broke an absolute record



Following the results of the trading session on Tuesday at the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange (SPIMEX), the cost of a ton of AI−95 exceeded the record level recorded a year and a half ago. Portal “AvtoVzglyad” reports a new maximum.

The price of AI-95 gasoline at the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange increased by 1.72% on May 16, reaching 60,608 rubles per ton. This is higher than the previous record of this kind, which took place on September 27, 2021, when the wholesale price of the 95th reached the level of 60,570 rubles per ton. At the same time, AI-92 also rose in price – by 1.91% to the level of 52,282 rubles per ton. Summer diesel fuel increased in price noticeably less – 0.45%. Now it costs 50,533 rubles per ton. Today, only fuel oil fell in price – by 0.67%.

Recall that the increase in wholesale prices for motor fuel on the stock exchange may be due to the ongoing sowing campaign in the country, as well as due to the growth of retail demand at the beginning of the holiday season. In addition, one of the possible reasons for the increase in prices is the increase in sales of petroleum products in foreign markets. But it is difficult to judge this with certainty, since for some time now Russia has stopped publishing accurate data on hydrocarbon exports.



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